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Right in the center of Moscow!

Address: Khamovnicheskyi Val, 34 (Subway/metro Sportivnaya - few steps away )


This wonderful district of Moscow is surrounded by the granite quays of the Moscow River. You may see such pearls of Moscow as the legendary Luzhniki Stadium, Vorobievi Gori and Moscow State University right from your room. The Novodevichy Monastery, one of the greatest historic and cultural monuments, is just five minutes away. Here you will encounter patriarchal calm and hear a bell toll, see a quiet lake under the monastery walls, children hand-feeding swans, walk through shadowy alleys. Looking at this pastoral scenery, you could hardly guess that you are right in the center of the metropolis.

Just a few steps away...

In just a few steps away from the hotel, there is Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, one of the world’s leading institutions in clinical research that comprises unique traditions and the most advanced technologies of diagnostics and treatment. Also, there is the Luzhniki, the country’s main stadium that hosted the 1980 Olympic Games. The reconstructed and modernized sports complex is busy athletic life. Even if you are planning to stay with us just a couple of days, you will probably get to see major sports or cultural events. Naturally, the Luzhniki is also one of the largest trading complexes in Russia. Shopping fans and fashion lovers will enjoy a walk through numerous stores that feature the latest fashion trends.

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Khamovnichesky Val 34
Moscow, 119048, Russia
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