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The Yunost Hotel provides modern and comfortable rooms of various categories: from low-budget rooms to suites. Not every hotel can provide you with the same level of service.

Even low-budget category rooms are equipped with TV sets and refrigerators. Our rooms undergo repair works on a regular basis. The eighth and seventh floor are designed as an area of 3-star Suites built according to the European classification.

All our Suite rooms have panoramic glass panes that provide maximum comfort for our guests. These windows safeguard the rooms against bad weather and lower the noise level. Even in the middle of the day nothing can disturb your rest. Many rooms are equipped with an advanced air-conditioning system with a remote control unit.

Capacious built-in wardrobes will give you enough space to place your clothes and luggage. Comfortable beds will make your stay pleasant. The signs "Do Not Disturb", "Please Clean Up" etc. are provided in each room. All suite and semi-suite rooms can be equipped with additional children's beds.

Hotel bathrooms are equipped with comfortable shower booths, hairdryers and renewable sets of personal hygiene products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving gel and accessories. Our guests will be provided with soft bath towels and soft slippers*. Comfy bathrobes will make your stay especially pleasant. A free breakfast, specially made for you, will make you feel even more at home.

If you like the room so much that you don't want to go out, or if you are just tired, you won't be bored. The rooms have cable TV that offers, in addition to the enlarged package of federal and decimeter channels, several dozens of extra channels. Telephones in every room will allow you to make a call anywhere: long-distance and international calls can be made from every room. If the content of the mini-bar* in your room is not enough, our restaurants will offer you room service.

Our employees will get you a taxi, wake you up at a designated time, or will recommend you a laundry and dry cleaning service at your request.

You may find a price list for our hotel rooms in the Prices section.

We would appreciate your comments and suggestions as to how to improve the service level and comfort of our rooms even more. We work so you will feel even more at home.

* – For suite-rooms

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